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What is Texas Hold'em Texas hold 'em is a variation of the card game of poker. Two cards, known as the hole cards, are dealt face down to each player, and then five community cards are dealt face up in three stages.

Texas Hold'em — A Poker Asset For GameMaker: Studio

About the asset An advanced and outstanding Texas Hold'em asset for GameMaker: Studio that includes everything from the most popular poker game "Texas Hold'em", from the cards evaluation to poker bluffing to the tiniest details. This asset is dedicated to provide you with all what you need to know about creating a poker game in GameMaker: Studio, it involves an advanced AI along with poker bluffing to make it as realistic as possible.


  • HD & gorgeous graphics
  • Minimum of 2 players and maximum of 5 [ You can edit it to add more ]
  • Super advanced AI
  • Poker Bluff
  • Game actions including
    • Check
    • Call
    • Raise
    • Re-Raise
    • All-in
    • Fold
  • Dealer, small blind, big blind, and under-the-gun.
  • All Texas Hold'em stages
    • Pre-flop
    • Flop
    • Turn
    • River
    • Showdown
  • Advanced and decent showdown.
    • Evaluate the winner
    • Split pot
    • Tie
  • This asset includes all Texas Hold'em evaluations, (from lowest to highest):
    • High cards
    • One pair
    • Two pairs
    • Three of a kind
    • Straight
    • Flush
    • Four of a kind
    • Straight flush
    • Royal flush
  • Third-party handy scripts
  • Well commented codes
  • Many more...!

Texas Hold'em HD (1280x720)

Feedback Feedback regarding the design, gameplay, and performance is very welcome. Have fun!


Buy Now$35.00 USD or more

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